COVID-19 Reporting

Reporting Coronavirus (COVID-19) Diagnoses

Members of the Maricopa County Community College community must notify Risk Management if they are diagnosed with COVID-19 or if they believe they have been exposed to COVID-19.


All information that we discuss in correspondence or in any future communications will remain confidential as required by law. Your personal information will be kept confidential and any notifications made will not include any personal identifiable information other than permitted under ADA.

If you have been confirmed positive, experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or believe you have been exposed to COVID-19, you must self-report to Maricopa Community Colleges Risk Management by using the COVID-19 reporting forms below.

COVID-19 Reporting Forms

Report Potential Exposure Report Symptoms or Confirmed Case

Reporting Form Instructions

Which form do I complete?

If you have been within six feet of an individual with a Confirmed case of COVID-19 for greater than 10 minutes, regardless of the use of face coverings, please complete the Potential Exposure to COVID-19 form.

If you have received a positive COVID-19 test result or if you have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, please complete the Report COVID-19 Symptoms or Confirmed Case form.

How do I fill out the forms?

Please enter N/A for questions that are not applicable. If you do not know the answer, please indicate "I do not know." Once the COVID-19 form is submitted, the Maricopa Community Colleges Risk Management Office will review the information and may follow up with the individual.

Who can fill out the forms?

Either the affected person or the Maricopa Community Colleges contact (supervisor or faculty member) that was notified by the affected person may complete the reporting forms.

Questions around this process may be submitted to Risk Management via email at or by calling Lisa Laird at 480-731-8947 or Sheri Swain at 480-731-8879.

Note: This is confidential information. Please do not disclose or discuss with any other party. Risk Management will follow the proper procedures for follow-up and notification.