Returning to the Workplace

Do you have questions about returning to the workplace? Do you know the policies and procedures for keeping yourself and other employees safe? We have all the answers to your questions about returning to the workplace during COVID-19 here.

Your HR manager will begin by evaluating whether you are eligible to telecommute under the Telecommuting due to COVID-19 policy. Eligibility is determined by the position responsibilities and the business need.

If your position is one that cannot be performed remotely or there is some history of performance or work ethic problems, then the request to telecommute may be denied. You may still be entitled to take FMLA leave to tend to your family member's serious health condition, if the criteria are met for those paid leave benefits.

Yes, failure to comply with the standards outlined by MCCCD for returning to the workplace may result in an employee's disciplinary action. Administrative regulations 4.2 and 6.7 support the establishment of a health and safety program and following the guidelines set in that program.

Electronic processes should be used whenever feasible. If a transaction has to be done via physical paperwork it can be delivered (again following all safety standards).