The Counseling and Personal Development centers at Maricopa Community Colleges gives students access to free services. If you feel you need to speak with someone about educational or personal issues and goals, you are currently encouraged to set up a video or phone session with someone in the counseling division at your college.

Our counseling services span a wide range of student services, from resume help to personal and emotional support. These experts are also trained and available to assist you with developmental support, including:

  • Improving study and time-management skills
  • Creating strategies for your success as a student
  • Setting personal, educational, and career goals
  • How to prepare for job searching
  • How to manage personal crises

For your information, counseling faculty do not practice as behavioral health clinicians. Therefore, you may instead be assisted in finding a mental health care provider in the community.

Visit your respective college's counseling and personal development web page to learn more: