Dual Enrollment

Maricopa Community Colleges is committed to supporting academic continuity for our dual enrollment students.

COVID-19 school closures may have some impact on the dual enrollment program. The colleges support the delivery of the remaining dual enrollment competencies through an online course delivery format following the established dual enrollment academic standards and procedures. If the remaining dual enrollment content cannot be delivered remotely, the high school instructor should contact the college dual enrollment coordinator/liaison or the college division/department faculty chair immediately.


Tuition Credits

Eligible dual enrollment high school students can apply for an account credit for their dual enrollment course(s). In order to be eligible for the credit, the high school student must be earning a passing grade (C or higher) in the dual enrollment course.

In order to request a COVID-19-related tuition credit, the student must speak with the dual enrollment Coordinator or Liaison at the college. The dual enrollment high school instructor must provide validation that the student is earning a passing grade (C or higher). Then Complete the COVID-19 Tuition Credit form online. Finally, check your Maricopa student email for updates regarding the status of your request.

The tuition credit is valid for one academic year, through Spring 2021, and can be used to take a dual enrollment course or a class at any Maricopa College campus.




Dual enrollment students cannot opt to receive a pass/fail grading option. Pass/Fail grading is not automatic for any of the dual enrollment courses and is not available for year-long dual enrollment courses. Furthermore, the option is not recommended for Spring-only dual enrollment courses, as P grades are not guaranteed to transfer or apply to graduation requirements outside the AZTransfer institutions.

Maricopa Community Colleges recognizes that as a result of regulatory requirements, many high school students may be awarded some variation of third-quarter grades as the final high school class grade. In order for students to earn dual enrollment college credits, the student must successfully complete all of the college curriculum. The high school dual enrollment instructors will post final grades for the college transcript based on the evaluation of the student learning the dual enrollment competencies. In some instances, this could result in a higher/lower grade than the grade awarded for high school credit.



Resources for High School Dual Enrollment Instructors

Open Educational Resources are available to support high school instructors. They can be found on our Maricopa Center for Teaching and Learning (MCLI) website. Open educational resources include:

We also encourage students to work directly with their designated college dual enrollment coordinator/liaisons for additional support or clarification.