Payment Options and Tuition

At Maricopa Community Colleges, we know you’re hoping to invest in your future through secondary education. Though our classes are offered at $85 a credit, we realize paying for college is a challenge for many — especially as COVID-19 continues to create financial uncertainty. To provide assistance, we're offering tuition discounts during the Spring 2021 and Summer 2021 terms with flexible payment options. 



Tuition Discounts for 2020-2021 Academic Year

Maricopa Community Colleges is offering two new tuition discounts for Maricopa County residents and out-of-state residents residing in Arizona.

2020-2021 Maricopa Tuition Discounts

Type of Residency Status Tuition Discount

Maricopa County Resident + / ++

All Maricopa County residents and other Arizona counties, not including Apache and Greenlee, are eligible due to reciprocal agreements with each county.

$1,020 flat rate per semester* 
(12.5 - 21 credits)

Out-of-State - Residing in Arizona

Out-of-state students residing in Arizona with lawful presence who do not qualify for in-state residency status.

$85 per credit hour**
(up to 6 credits)

Note: $15 registration fee per semester is required and other course fees may apply.

* Students with in-state residency status are eligible for the flat tuition rate. Regular full-time enrollment is generally associated with 12 credits. The rate for 12 credits is $1,020. The flat rate applies when enrolling in 12.5 - 21 credits. Additional credits above 21 will be charged $85 per credit hour. The discount only applies to tuition. There is a $15 registration fee per campus and other course fees may apply.

** Students with out-of-state residency status residing in Arizona are eligible for a $85 per credit hour tuition rate. The out-of-state surcharge is waived for the first 6 credits per semester, regardless of enrollment in multiple colleges. Additional credits taken will be charged the out-of-state rate of $326 per credit. There is a $15 registration fee per campus and other course fees may apply. Students attending with a visa should consult with their Admissions and Records/Enrollment services office regarding their eligibility for the discount.



Payment Options

We also offer flexible options for you to make payment arrangements and secure your classes, so you can work towards earning a certificate or degree knowing you can make it happen. Each of our 10 colleges offer financial assistance through federal student aid like grants, loans, and scholarships, as well as opportunities for payment plans, federal work-study, and campus employment.

We also offer a variety of payment arrangement options, including online, by mail or phone, and via the Student Tuition Payment Plan – e-Cashier, as our on-campus facilities are not available at this time.

You will get reminders to make arrangements to pay your balance after you enroll in classes. Be sure to apply early to enroll in a payment plan or apply for financial aid and scholarship opportunities. You may also check into other tuition assistance options if you are a veteran, military service member, or have education benefits from your employer. Of course, you can always pay your tuition by credit card, debit card, reloadable card, or check.

After you enroll in classes, you can make payment arrangements and view your tuition statement by going to your Student Center.

*In-person services are limited due to COVID-19 precautionary measures.

Please check your respective college websites for more detailed information on tuition payment options.