Tuition Credit and Refund Policy

In response to the 2020 coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, Maricopa Community Colleges offered a tuition credit to students who needed to withdraw from their Spring 2020 course(s) due to one of the following circumstances:

  1. Contracting COVID-19 or Other Serious Illness – If you have contracted COVID-19 or other serious illness, a withdrawal request must be submitted with a written statement from your healthcare professional regarding how the illness prevents you from participating in scheduled class sessions or assignments. The medical statement must be on file before a credit can be given.
  2. Serious Illness or Death of Immediate Family Member – If an immediate family member* has contracted a serious illness or has passed away, the same process as above is required, including supporting documentation verifying the situation. The medical statement must be on file before a credit can be given.
  3. Inability to Participate in a Converted Course – If you were taking an in-person/hybrid course and it was converted to an online/alternative format, you may request a withdrawal from your course and submit the corresponding form.
  4. Hardship Due to Class End Date Extension – If you have a course which has an extended calendar end date (a longer class time frame than originally planned) or other extenuating circumstances, you may request a withdrawal from the course and submit the corresponding form.

*Immediate family members include: spouse/partner, father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, child, foster child, grandchild, stepchild, sibling, stepsibling, stepfather, stepmother, or spouse’s/partner’s father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, or in-laws.



Tuition Credit/Refund Request Limitations

  • Requests for a Spring 2020 total withdrawal from a college or course(s) is at the discretion of your college and all decisions are final. If you're approved, your student account will have a non-refundable account credit applied for the amount of the tuition and fees paid for the withdrawn course(s).
  • If you never attended your Spring 2020 class(es), this is not an allowable student account credit exception or an excuse for the debt.
  • Only Spring 2020 credit and clock hour courses are eligible for a refund/tuition credit.
  • Tuition credits are valid through end of Spring 2021.

Note: Approved requests for the Spring 2020 term may not relieve you from any financial obligation to your college and could negatively impact your financial aid and/or veteran educational benefits. Contact your college Admissions, Records, and Registration office for further assistance.



Learn about refunds at your college.



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